Lab Facilities

The available instrumentation for our research include:


Witec confocal raman imaging system (photo to the right), HItachi S-4800 SEM-EDS-TEM, Bruker D8 XRD, PCR machine, biohood, Agilent Bioanalyzer 2100, vortexers, centrifuges, orbital shaker,  fridges, freezers -20C and -80C, oven, furnace to 1000C,  spectrophotometer, balances,  microscopes and rock saw.

We have access to more instrumentation as needed within our Department, on the Campus and also at other Rutgers locations. 

Witec confocal raman imaging system with 532nm laser 
Bruker ECO D8 Advance powder
X-Ray Diffractometer - XRD Calendar
HItachi S-4800 SEM-EDS-TEM, available in Chemistry Department - SEM Calendar
Cressington 208HR Sputter Coater 
with Ir target
ESCO Class II Type A2 Bio-safety cabinet
Molecular biology instruments: Bioanalyzer 2100, thermal cycler, centrifuges etc.
Furnace up to 1000 C
VWR Orbital shaker
Medium size rock saw

Geomicrobiology Group / EES Department / Rutgers University / T 973.353.2509 / F 973.353.1965 / m.glamoclija at